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2011 National NOW Conference, June 24 - 26 in Tampa, Florida

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Robert's Rules At A Glance

Cards Motion In order when
another has
the floor
a second
Debatable Amendable


Adjourn No Yes No No
Recess No Yes No Yes
Question of privelege Yes No No No
Call for the orders of the day Yes No No No
Appeal Yes Yes Yes No
Division of the assembly Yes No No No
Parliamentary inquiry Yes No No No
Point of order Yes No No No
Point of information Yes No No No
Objection to consideration of
the question
Yes* No No No
Reconsider Yes* Yes Yes No
Suspension of rules No Yes No No


Lay on the table No Yes No No
Previous question No Yes No No
Limit or extend limits of debate No Yes No Yes
Postpone to a definite time No Yes Yes Yes
Refer or commmit No Yes Yes Yes
Amend No Yes Yes Yes
Postpone indefinitely No Yes Yes No


Main motion No Yes Yes Yes
All debate No No N/A N/A
Division of question No Yes No Yes
Any motion on voting No Yes No Yes
Any motion on nomination No Yes No Yes
Consideration by paragraph
or question
No Yes No Yes

* These motions are in order when floor has been assigned but speaker has not yet begun.

Remember, the fundamental principles of parliamentary law are:

  • Courtesy to all
  • Justice to all
  • One thing at a time
  • Full and free debate
  • The rule of the majority
  • The right of the minority
  • The right of the individual and the absentee
  • Partiality to none

Green Cards -- Making main motions. All debate.

Yellow Cards -- Making almost all other motions.

Green and Yellow cards are equal in seeking recognition.

Red Cards -- Priority items which may interrupt business, such as Point of Order, Call for the Orders of the Day, etc.


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