1999 NOW National Conference

Issue Hearings I & II

Issue Hearings I: Friday, July 2

4:30 pm - 6:00 pm

Statement of Purpose & Bylaw Changes
Room: Oakhurst
Bear Atwood, Shahla Werner
Civil Rights & Racism
Room: Brighton
Terry O’Neil, Ellen Zucker
Educational Equity
Room: Rodeo
Jeanne Sommerfeld, Linda Sievers
Violence Against Women
Room: Palm
Phyllis Frank, Chloe Watts 
Organizing Strategies
Room: Wilshire
Yolanda Clark, Jackie Hillyer 
Constitutional and Legal Strategies
Room: Santa Monica
Toni Troop, Amy Meedel

Issue Hearings II: Saturday, July 3

3:45 pm - 5:15 pm

Statement of Purpose & Bylaw Changes
Room: Whittier
Janet Canterbury, Connie Hannah
Economic Issues
Room: Brighton
Karen Van Hooft, Kathy Miller
Media Issues
Room: Rodeo
Toni Van Pelt, Judith Meuli
Lesbian Rights
Room: Wilshire
Sandy Powers, Amy Drayer
Health and Reproductive Rights 
Room: Palm
Sheila Moore, Janice “Cookie” Pemberton
Other Issues
Room: Oakhurst
Marian Watkins, Gay Bruhn

1999 Conference Information

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