Love Your Body Day Reaches Thousands

by Rebecca Farmer, Communications Associate

The NOW Foundation celebrated the second annual Love Your Body Day on Sept. 22, 1999.  Activists across the country said "NO" to twisted beauty standards by holding rallies, pickets, house parties, classroom discussions and more. NOW Foundation created Love Your Body Day last year as a national day of action to speak out against images of women that are offensive, harmful, dangerous and disrespectful.  The day was an immediate success and this year saw the campaign grow, with planned actions in nearly every state.

 "We have come a long way," said NOW Foundation President Patricia Ireland, "but progress is not equality.  Seventy-nine years ago today, women won the right to vote. Now we're fighting to break out of the cookie-cutter images of women that say we need to be one size, one shape, one color, one age, one race, one sexuality to be beautiful."

The NOW Foundation held a poster contest prior to this year's Love Your Body Day. The winning designer is Kim Prindle, a Florida student.  Prindle's design appears on the 1999 Love Your Body Day poster sent out to activists nationwide to promote the event.

This summer NOW traveled with the Lilith Fair festival to raise awareness about Love Your Body Day.  Thousands of concert-goers around the country signed the Love Your Body Campaign petition, saying "Enough!" to beauty standards that are impossible to achieve and images in media and advertising that do not represent women in all our diversities.

"Women and girls at the Lilith Fair concerts were excited to see a national campaign about body image and women’s health, and they want to get involved in Love Your Body Day," Ireland said.

"The harmful and negative images of women can be damaging to our sense of self worth and keep us focused on our body parts rather than on our whole selves. These images distract women from pursuing full equality. Through this campaign we will take the power to control our own images and lives."

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