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Order Love Your Body Day Posters

Love Your Body Poster

2011 Winner of the Love Your Body poster contest, designed by college student Kyla Hollis.

NOW Foundation will celebrate its 14th annual Love Your Body Day on Oct. 19. Every year, activists, students, educators, health professionals, even models take this day to announce to the world that women and girls are beautiful just as they are -- no starvation diets, air-brushing or cosmetic surgery required.

Since 1998, the Love Your Body campaign has encouraged women and girls to stand up to unrealistic and unhealthy beauty standards promoted through advertising and all media. A wide range of activities takes place across the country: letter-writing parties, fashion shows, forums on women's health, even a 5k run.

Earlier this year, NOW Foundation expanded the campaign to include the "Let's Talk About It" project, which is collecting video submissions from anyone who has something to say about the radical act of embracing the real you in our looks-obsessed culture.

One of the most popular components of the Love Your Body campaign is the annual poster contest, which receives hundreds, sometimes thousands, of entries. Kyla Hollis, a college student from Arvada, Colo., designed the 2011 winner (pictured at right). Supplies are limited, so order the poster (and other products) right away!

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