Indianapolis NOW activists joined with other groups to protest House Speaker Newt Gingrich's appearance at a major Indiana Republican fundraising dinner.

Indianapolis NOW

Indianapolis NOW activists staged a "Shadow Newt" action on Monday, July 24, outside a major Indiana Republican fund raising dinner. As Rep. Newt Gingrich, R-Ga., addressed the group, Indianapolis NOW activists, along with various labor unions, organizations and individuals protested the speakers' attacks on affirmative action and the poor, restrictions on reproductive freedom and threats made against the Violence Against Women Act's funding.

Indianapolis NOW President Stephanie Ortoleva called the action a huge success that not only attracted local media attention, but successfully recruited new NOW members as well.

Southern Nevada NOW

A festive crowd awaited the return to the ring of Mike Tyson inside the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, but outside a feisty crowd of Southern Nevada NOW activists staged a protest. NOW activists carried signs that read, "Rape is not a sport," "Women are not punching bags."

Southern Nevada NOW President Anne Golonka said the protest was organized to call attention toward powerful men in sports who abuse women and suffer little or no damage to their careers. "First, we are calling for an end to violence against women," said Golonka. "And second, we want to call attention to the fact that prominent men damage women's lives and then go on with their lives while hardly missing a beat."

Celebrating the 75th anniversary of the women's vote, Racine NOW and Kenosha NOW activists joined numerous other women's groups in a march and rally.

Racine NOW /Kenosha NOW (Wis.)

NOW activists in Wisconsin celebrated the 75th anniversary of the women's vote with a march and rally on Aug. 26, complete with floats. More than 400 women and men took part in a rally at Veterans Plaza in Racine, Wis. Rally speakers included County Executive Jean Jacobson, the first female county executive in Racine and State Rep. Kim Plache, Racine County's first woman state representative. Jacobson proclaimed Saturday as Women's Equality Day in Racine County.

A luncheon followed the morning march and rally. Wisconsin's first woman Supreme Court Justice Shirley Abrahamson was the keynote speaker. She was introduced by the first woman county judge in Racine, Judge Nancy Wheeler. The event was well covered by the media according to Racine NOW President Rachel Trobaugh, event co-chair with Carmen Rigau of Racine Business and Professional Women. A coalition of 21 women's groups including NOW, BPW, AAUW and the YWCA organized the event.

Baltimore NOW

Baltimore NOW activists proved that feminist can have fun with a "Picnic in the Park" to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Woman Suffrage. Members and friends gathered to share food, music and information about suffrage. An informal program of speakers included chapter President Paula Keefer, Maryland Commission for Women Executive Director Joanne Saltzberg and National NOW Board Member Hannah Olanoff. Participants reported that they really enjoyed the event and learned a lot about the history of suffrage and how it relates to the women's rights movement today.

South Palm Beach County NOW (Fla.)

For South Palm Beach County NOW activists, justice was finally served following two long years since the brutal murder of Kim Brunner. Brunner was murdered by her ex-husband on July 13, 1993. A day after the slaying, NOW activists demonstrated against domestic violence in the name of Kim Brunner, carrying signs as they marched along a busy Florida roadway.

It took the jury just two and a half hours to convict William Brunner of first degree murder and aggravated stalking of his former wife. NOW activists stood watch during the two week trial, showing up in court each day dressed in white, the color worn by women during the struggle for voting rights for women.

"We kept this case in the media," said South Palm Beach County NOW Vice President Sheila Jaffe. Chapter activists have brought to the attention of the media other cases involving victims of domestic violence who were killed by husbands or boyfriends. The chapter has tentative plans to start a domestic violence education program at Spanish River High School, Kim Brunner's alma mater.

East End NOW (N.Y.)

East End NOW activists staged a protest outside a fundraising event for U.S. Rep. Michael Forbes. "We are here to remind Republicans supporting Forbes that the New York state Republican platform supports abortion rights," said East End NOW President Melissa Bishop-Morgan. "Judging from his Right to Life cross-endorsement, Forbes has lined up behind the now infamous Contract ON America."

Former NOW New York President Marilyn Fitterman issued a statement in support of the protest and urged Forbes to "resist influence by a religious right potato(e) head from Indiana," referring to former Vice President Dan Quayle. Forbes has also come out against the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, meant to protect lesbians and gays from losing their jobs simply because of their sexual orientation.

Quayle and other noted Republicans were among the guests attending the fundraising event.

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