Promise Keepers Conference Dates

Information about the conferences at the Promise Keepers' site

May 16-17   Tampa, FL 
May 23-24   Chicago, IL 
May 23-24   Seattle, WA 
May 30-31   Birmingham, AL 
May 30-31   Kansas City, MO 
June 6-7    Knoxville, TN 
June 13-14  Buffalo, NY 
June 13-14  Washington, DC 
June 27-28  Fresno, CA 
June 27-28  Miami, FL 
July 18-19  St. Louis, MO 
July 25-26  Pittsburgh, PA 
Aug. 15-16  Minneapolis, MN 
Oct. 4      Washington, DC 
Oct. 24-25  Dallas, TX 

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