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More about the Global Gag Rule

Repeal the Global Gag Rule Today!

On his first day as president, George Bush signed the Global Gag Rule, which prohibits U.S. funding to overseas family planning clinics that provide abortion services or even information about abortion. Since then, reproductive health clinics around the world have lost funding and had to scale back their vitally-needed services.

The time has come to end this oppressive policy -- girls and women all over the world deserve comprehensive reproductive health care and services.

Action Needed:

The Global Democracy Promotion Act would reinstate funding and support for international family planning programs and services.

Take Action NOW: Ask Congress to support the Global Democracy Promotion Act!


The Global Democracy Promotion Act was introduced in January in the House (H.R. 619) by Representatives Nita Lowey (D-N.Y.) and Christopher Shays (R-Conn.) and in the Senate (S. 1744) by Senators Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) and Olympia Snowe (R-Maine). The bill would repeal the Global Gag Rule altogether and provide essential funds for international family planning programs. No action has been taken so far on the bill, but a recent vote in the House suggests that there may be growing support in Congress for family planning funding.

On June 21, the House approved an amendment offered by Rep. Nita Lowey (D-N.Y.) to an appropriations bill that would permit shipments of donated condoms and contraceptives to overseas family planning organizations that are currently denied U.S. funding under the Global Gag Rule. This victory for international family planning and reproductive health is a small but significant step in reversing the damaging effects of the Bush administration's overseas family planning policies. And while Bush may veto this legislation if it reaches his desk, it is still a signal that Congress may be ready to repeal the Global Gag Rule.

Condom distribution is vital, but it is not enough -- our sisters worldwide need access to vital health care for themselves and their families. This must include not only prenatal and well-baby medical attention but also family planning and disease prevention counseling and services. We must end the Global Gag Rule altogether and allow women and families worldwide to access the reproductive and preventive health care they so desperately need.

Take Action NOW: Ask Congress to support the Global Democracy Promotion Act!

Get more information about the global gag rule.

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